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Dear Heidi,

It has taken me more than a day to process (to whatever extent I have so far) the amazing healing you and the angels gave me yesterday. Anyone watching the video can see there was something going on, but no one can imagine the intensity of energy going through both my physical body and energetic body during the healing. I felt like I was getting hundreds or thousands of tiny electric shocks, but it wasn't painful...just very intense.

I saw cascades of light in all the colors of the spectrum, sometimes one at a time, sometimes gorgeous rainbows, and this was continuous except for the vivid past life memories that popped in so rapidly and disappeared just as quickly.

I received HUGE confirmation on some significant and powerful guidance that came to me earlier in the week.

I received clarity about being part of the Turtle Clan and the lineage and power of two of my shamanic teachers.

My purpose in this life was made crystal clear and I am both relieved and slightly it is no small thing.

How can you ever really thank someone for that level of healing and assistance? I'm not sure, but I hope you know that you have my eternal gratitude and love. Thank you so much for all that you do

Jacki, Lynnwood (Shaman, Channel)

I recently had the immense pleasure and privilege of a trance and angel healing session with Heidi Brooke.

It is truly hard to articulate what a unique and beautiful experience it was. I am a shamanic practitioner, spiritual medium, energy healer and empath.

Heidi and our guides and angels showed me that I am a prophetic empath and that my purpose in this lifetime is to heal others, especially heal their chakras and bring them out of depression with light and joy.

I also learned that I am able to access the Akashic records and hand people their records to read in order to help them empower themselves and find their life purpose. I am a mental health professional and social worker and deeply psychic so this made sense and made some “pieces” I have been curious about forever “fit” perfectly. I also have been very drawn to the Akashic records recently so this also was a very fitting and amazing realization. How exciting and affirming!

We traveled to a lifetime in which great tragedy befell my family and resulted in a subconscious belief of “if it will be so painful, why even try?” this also made so much sense as a belief holding me back which was healed and released.

We also traveled to another planet where I learned that I was a planner for the journeys of many souls on earth.

We also traveled to the moment my sister, who was affirmed as my soulmate and I discussed coming into this lifetime which was so beautiful to witness!

I received healing energy throughout my body during the session and could feel areas with previous injuries healing during and after the session.

I have felt so affirmed, hopeful and filled with calm and energy since.

It gave me direction as a healer and put many “puzzle pieces” together.

I’m excited to test out these new gifts that were identified in my healing work with others.

I highly recommend this profound work to anyone seeking direction, healing and vibration raising.

Thank you so much Heidi

Rosie, Seattle (Shaman, Channel, Energy Healer)

I was blessed and privileged to experience an incredible and highly awakening angelic healing session today.

Thank you Heidi. 🙏The aim was to reconcile past lives and in-between lives and bring peace to myself so that I could use my gift as a healer.

Within minutes, I was taken on a journey to a time in a life when I was 4 years old, where I was told I was ugly and undeserving of love, also a time where I lost love and decided then I would not accept love and not allow it to enter.

The angels told me that it was necessary to heal from my heart.I was raised VERY high and the healing began, I felt the traumatic pain and the feeling of helplessness that had I lived at that time.

Heidi was able to guide me through this intense moment. It felt electric as the energy went down through me – so powerful.

I was guided to go outside and stand barefoot on the grass. There I literally felt the energy drain down my legs to Mother Earth during several minutes. That is also when I REALLY understood GROUNDING more than ever and I felt so much lighter, a feeling of relief as if a huge burden had been lifted.

It was a profound experience and I was told there is still some more healing to be done and I am looking forward.

Already I am feeling way lighter and better and I am immensely grateful to Heidi and to the angels.An experience beyond what I could ever imagine but extremely healing.


Amina, Luxembourg (Energy Healer)

Peace, Clarity, Comfort and Understanding; these are all things I received after a trance reading and healing session with Heidi Brooke.

Before the session i was very confused on whether or not I should pursue a relationship with someone I had recently met. The healing angels, Heidi channeled cleared up completely any questions or doubts I had about moving forward. The depth of information they gave me was amazing and makes me feel calm yet excited about the future.

There was also healing done because of something that didn't happen but that was part of of my pre-birth plan. Because this thing didn't happen I have had pain, sadness and panic that I've never really been able to place. Now, not only do I know why I have had this pain and sadness but it has also been cleared during the healing.

This work that Heidi and the angels do is amazing and so powerful. I have recommended it to many already and can't wait for another session

Melissa, Lynnwood (Intuitive life advisor, channel, certified life coach)

Heidi, What I am about write, would have been improbable or impossible for me to imagine or even believe possible just a couple of years ago. I would have mocked it as being crazy or made up. Since that time, I have been privileged to witness some fantastic events and experiences things that were life-changing and miraculous. Sunday's session with you was one of those experiences.

This session was so unique that it is hard for me to put into words. I am not even sure if it has a title. I believe that it is a past life reconciliation healing. You were able to channel my angels, and they took us, in an almost surgical way, to help get me to one area that needed to be healed at that time. I had recently completed cutting the ties with my mother. I had cleared that, but what I did not realize that there was still residual pain from numerous lifetimes in which I had been abandoned or rejected by my mothers. During the session, the angels, through you, were able to help me heal that underlying pain. Interestingly, I believe that I had to cut the ties first to have been ready to heal the rest.

Another thing that was very unique and wonderful about this session was that we journeyed together to in-between lives. I witnessed some of the meticulous pre-life planning and many of the spirits and angels that were involved. That gave me more insights into not only how it works, but some of the decisions made. In that place, I also had the opportunity to have a conversation and receive information from my main angel. It was really cool.

I can't thank you enough for sharing your gifts with me.

Bruce, Seattle

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